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Tampa Claim Adjuster

When disaster strikes, how prepared are you for the rigorous and back-breaking process of filing for insurance claims? At Tampa Claim Adjuster, we can make the process fast, easy, and painless for you! We’re the leading claims adjuster team in Tampa, FL that delivers professional and state-compliant services to help you achieve the maximum settlement for your recovery. Give us a call for a free consultation.

File your claim before it’s too late.

We’re the Experts for AllInsurance Claims

Our team specializes on all types of insurance claims. So, why go through the stressful process of filing for an insurance claim on your own when you can count on our extensive and professional claims adjusting services?

Our Services are Free until You Get Your Settlement

Tampa Claim Adjuster does not charge any upfront fees to its clients, which means that you don’t have to pay for our professional services until you get our settlement from your insurance provider. We’re confident enough that we’ll be able to deliver the best outcome and resolution to your case – and that is the maximum settlement amount for your recovery.

At Tampa Claim Adjuster, our clients are our utmost priority. If we’re unable to deliver results, consider our services free.

5-star reviews

We’re Serving Clients across Tampa, FL

Tampa Claims Adjuster is the Number 1 claims adjusting company that handles and manages all types of insurance claims in the city of Tampa.

Are you having trouble filing for an insurance claim due to property damage or property loss? Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll help you find the best solutions for your recovery.

Claims Adjuster Sarasota

Property owners and homeowners of Sarasota can rely on us to deliver our best efforts in managing and handling their insurance claims. Our team offers a comprehensive line of professional services to help all insurance policyholders achieve the maximum settlement that they deserve. As claims adjusters serving clients all over Sarasota, our duties are to provide good and credible representation to our clients, protect their rights as policyholders, and to negotiate for the best coverage that can help them recover.

Claims Adjuster St. Petersburg

In our continuous efforts to widen the scope of our coverage, we’ve made our claims adjusting services available to all insurance policyholders of St. Petersburg. Our commitment is to preserve the rights of property owners when claiming for insurance coverage through professional representation and assistance. We work in full compliance with the state regulations; and all the members of our claims adjusting team are duly-licensed and certified to negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of policyholders.

Claims Adjuster Clearwater

Tampa Claims Adjuster services are available in Clearwater. If you’re from this area and you need assistance with your insurance settlement process, give us a call and we’ll evaluate your case. We offer free consultation and assessment for all types of insurance claims. You can be certain that our professional team knows the ins and outs of filing for an insurance coverage including the strategies that result to successful outcomes. Allow us to review your case so we can substantiate the evidences and furnish the necessary documents to support your claim.

Claims Adjuster Fort Myers

If you’re a property owner from Fort Myers and you’re having struggles and difficulties in claiming for an insurance settlement, give us a call and we’ll present to you viable solutions to gain an advantage in your case. We are a team of duly-licensed and certified claims adjusters that had served thousands of satisfied clients in Fort Myers and its surrounding cities throughout the years. And now, we’re extending to you our professional services for a faster and more efficient recovery from your property damage and losses.

Claims Adjuster Zephyrhills

Are you having problems and difficulties with your insurance settlement process in Zephyrhills? Are you fully aware about the worth and extent of coverage of your insurance policy? If you are having doubts and uncertainties about your insurance claim, we can help put your mind at ease by explaining to you what you’re entitle to based on the provisions and terms of your policy. Hiring our claims adjusting team to handle your insurance claim can also help you avoid having to deal with a denied coverage or from being underpaid by your insurance provider.

Claims Adjuster Bradenton

Tampa Claims Adjuster team understands the challenges and struggles of policyholders in dealing with a damaged property and loss of business. That is why we’ve made our professional services available to all property owners of Bradenton and its surrounding cities. If you’re from this area and you need a reliable claims adjusting service, get in touch with us anytime so we can evaluate and review your case. You can count on us to accurately interpret your insurance policy and determine effective strategies to negotiate for a maximum settlement.

Claims Adjuster Naples

Tampa Claims Adjuster extends it services to all insurance policyholders located in Naples. Give us a call anytime or schedule a free consultation with our claims adjusting team so we can review and discuss your insurance-related concerns. We specialize in different types of insurance claims like water damage, vandalism and theft, loss of business, hurricane damage, and fire damage among others. We are duly-licensed and certified by the state to represent policyholders in filing for insurance claims to avoid the risks of being denied of coverage by their insurers, or being presented with an incomplete settlement.

Client Testimonials


Thank you for the fast and efficient services. You’ve made the process simple and painless for me and my whole family. I thought we’ll never be able to recover from our losses but you’ve managed to turn things around to our favor. It’s not ea...

Clarissa M.

Service Assistance for:

Hurricane damage Insurance Claim

Initial: USD $0.00

Recovered: USD $27,431.00


Hats off to Tampa Adjusters team! You don’t know how much you’ve saved me and our family home. It’s not easy to be denied of insurance coverage. I was on the verge of giving up at that time, but you were able to find solutions. Thanks for re-op...

Simone R.

Service Assistance for:

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim

Initial: USD $0.00

Recovered: USD $23,085.00


Months after we bought our home, we suffered from severe water damage and it was devastating. It caused a lot of disaster and water was seeping through ever corner. My husband and I were disappointed and we thought that there’s no other solution. W...

Annabelle C.

Service Assistance for:

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Initial: USD $0.00

Recovered: USD $17,412.00


I contacted and hired Tampa Claims Adjusting firm to handle my fire insurance policy. They were professional, always on-time, and take matters seriously. What I thought would take months to settle actually took them only a few weeks. And they were ab...

Leo Z.

Service Assistance for:

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Initial: USD $0.00

Recovered: USD $23,102.00


I highly recommend this claims adjuster team for all types of insurance claims especially vandalism and theft. They are reliable, results-oriented, and very professional. I’m not easily impressed, but they’ve earned my respect. Their regular upda...

Shawn D.

Service Assistance for:

Vandalism Insurance Claims

Initial: USD $0.00

Recovered: USD $8,312.00


I appreciate the prompt and timely action of this team. It has been a long and stressful journey, but they have given me the support and assurance I needed to stay on track. It’s not easy to deal with fire damages and losses. That’s why I thank t...

Linda Y.

Service Assistance for:

Fire Insurance Claim

Initial: USD $4,302.00

Recovered: USD $15,423.00

We’ll Help You Recover from Your Financial Losses

The latest figures from OPPAGA Report reveal that hiring a claims adjuster to handle your insurance claim can increase your settlement value by as much as 74%. More importantly, having a claims adjuster to represent you and negotiate on your behalf can help you avoid the risks of being denied of insurance coverage, or being granted with an incomplete and insufficient settlement amount.