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We are the foremost Claims Adjusting team in the city of Naples. We offer the best services that earn our clients fair settlements. If you believe that we are what you need, then call us today, and you will join our long list of satisfied clients.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Services

Homeowners and business owners do not have to wait endlessly to get their settlement paid, primarily in the city of Naples. We at Tampa Claims Adjusters relieve our client of the trouble involved in trying to secure a settlement for property damage. We, therefore, take responsibility for all the insurance claims processes.

How We Can Help you

We are deeply involved in the insurance claims processes from the beginning of the settlement arrangement to the end. We endeavor to submit all reports and paperwork that would facilitate the compensation of our clients. At Tampa Claims Adjusters, every client is sure to continue their life and business with a fair compensation. We achieve this feat by uniquely dealing with our client’s situation. We rationally discern the claims filed and provide a working strategy to assist policyholders in Naples City.

Some steps we observe in the insurance claims processes are

Contacting your Insurer: The first contact you should make when you suffer property damage is your insurer. You will only be gambling with your settlement if you decide to overlook their importance in the situation. So, call your insurance company agent and relay the incidence to them. They would, in turn, inform you of the processes you will go through to receive a settlement from them. We would then file for claims and see it through to the end by presenting you with your settlement.

Investigation of the Incident: By investigating the incident, we would be proving your claim. This process shall begin by interviewing you to get some answers in regards to how, when, and where the incident took place. We would further source for more witnesses to substantiate your claim. All these are to prove that your claim is not a fraud.

To prevent more damages, which can result in your burden, we isolate and cover the affected area. Collect clear and detailed photographs and videos to authenticate your claim.

We advise that you gather all related documents and records of the damaged property. We can then prepare an inventory for all damaged items.

Review of your Insurance Policy: We review your policy to know the benefits you are by contract authorized to. This way, there will be no case of claims fraud.

Evaluation of your Loss: We must describe all properties damaged in the incident. Based on your policy, we would then evaluate the sum of losses covered.

We would arrange with contractors or vendors according to your policy for repair or replacement of damaged property.

We will offer you a scope of loss that demands your agreement, and once you agree, you can pen down your signature.

Arrange for Settlement: Lastly, we would present you with a fair settlement that covers all your damaged property. We promise that there would be no incidence of underpayment.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders

All claims that we file on behalf of our clients will by no means experience bad faith insurance. You are only entitled to what your policy covers, and that is the settlement we shall present to you.

We would only accept payment after our client receives a fair settlement.