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Do you have a bad roof and in need of repair by your insurance company? Contact us today to help you file a claim. Do not take the risk of managing the bad weather and danger that comes with a damaged roof. With our service, a fair settlement is a guarantee for you from your insurer.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Roof Damage

When there is an occurrence of bad weather, high wind, intense rainfall, storm, or other hazards, the roof of a building is mostly affected.

Policyholders who have their property covered should not put up with bad roofs or even bear the responsibility of paying for repairs. Your insurance company is there to fix your damaged roof as agreed in your contract.

However, sometimes, when policyholders try to file a claim concerning their roof, we understand that they are met with delay, denial or lowball settlement. We at Tampa Claims Adjuster are here to ensure that your insurer takes responsibility for repair or settlement no matter the complication of your claim.

To enable us to achieve this, we go through the written insurance claims processes in your policy and follow the details to the latter to avoid dismissal of your claim.

The Process to a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Contact your Insurer: Without your notification, your insurance company cannot possibly know that your roof has been damaged, even if there was a hurricane in your city. They try as much as possible to reduce their risk. So, it’s your responsibility to contact them immediately you feel unsafe under your roof. However, we can assist you in letting them know about your claim.

Review your Insurance Policy: Before we proceed, we would need to review what your policy entails to know the extent of your coverage and to tackle your claim appropriately. In the process of this review, we would identify any changes in your policy and as well as any deductibles and limitations.

Assess your Roof Damage: We must know the extent of your damage. Therefore we would conduct a survey to see where the havoc occurred on your roof and determine if you’ll be needing a replacement or a repair. Contacting a roofing contractor would help us accurately identify the damages done.

Documentation of Roof Damages: To validate your claim, we would take images and videos of your roof and make them available to your insurer. We would equally send photos of your roof before the incident to show the recency of the damage.

Furthermore, we would fill out a form that adequately details the damages done to your roof and the actions that need to be taken for repair. The cause of the damage would be stated in this report as well as the date of the incident.

Estimation of Damages: With the assistance of a contractor, we can find out the exact amount of money that would fix your roof. Every repair done would be carried out by vendors authorized by your insurer to avoid flopping their rule. The cost of this repair would eventually be paid for by your insurance company.

Settlement of your Claims: Our ultimate duty to you is to ensure that the cost of fixing your roof is paid to the fullest. Our team of claim adjusters at Tampa would help you whether your claim has been denied, delayed, or undervalued.

Our Services are Free Until you Recover your Loss.

At Tampa claims adjusters, we pride ourselves in excellent and just services. Therefore, we refrain from receiving payments from our client whose settlement has not been granted.

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