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We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Services

Homeowners and commercial property owners of Sarasota can count on our claims adjusting services anytime for all insurance-related concerns. It is our responsibility as professionals to interpret and evaluate insurance policies and to determine the extent of your coverage. If you feel that you’re not receiving the right treatment and attention from your insurance provider, give us a call and we can discuss workable solutions.

As claims adjusters, it is within our line of duty to give to you our undivided attention and to identify the merits of your case. We can handle the insurance claim process for you, negotiate for maximum coverage on your behalf, and preserve your rights as a policyholder.

How We Can Help

Our job as claims adjusters is to handle each case individually and to come up with winning approaches and strategies that are specific to the case. It is always within our best interest to present your case from a winning perspective which is why we follow strict guidelines in evaluating every single claim. To give you a general idea on how we implement our claims adjusting services in Sarasota, here’s a rundown of the procedure;

Evaluation and Interpretation of Insurance Policy: We’ll review the scope and provisions of your policy and discuss them with you accordingly. Our goal for this first step is to create strategies unique to your case so we can prepare all the requirements.

Assessment of Losses and Damages: To help you claim for the maximum settlement from your insurance provider, it is essential that we prepare all the necessary documents to support your case. We have to substantiate all the evidences, prepare images of the damages and compute the losses, and furnish a cost-estimate for repair and restoration. The goal is to come up with a credible and logical investigation that would support your claim.

Case Presentation and Negotiation: Our duty as claims adjusters is to make the insurance claim process easier and hassle-free for you. Thus, you can count on us to present the documents and negotiate for the best settlement on your behalf. We’ll make sure that we’re able to negotiate from an advantageous position wherein your insurance provider has no other option but to comply.

Settlement and Case Resolution: We’ll present to you the outcome of the negotiation which is the maximum settlement for your recovery.

Our Commitment to All Insurance Policyholders in Sarasota

We, at Tampa Claims Adjuster, strive to deliver the best claims adjusting services to our clients in Sarasota. You can rely on us to spare you from the stressful process of filing for insurance coverage on your own. We’ll take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on more important matters like your family, business, career, and health.

Our commitment is to help you recover from your losses and enable you to get your life back on track. For your peace of mind, our claims adjusting services are free until you get your settlement.