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The impact of fire damage can be the loss of an entire property or portions of a building. The only way to begin from scratch might be through the help of a fire damage restoration company. However, we are here to start your claims process for you to have your property back. Just make that call.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Fire Damage

Fire damage wrecks a lot of havoc on the property involved. The commonality of fire accidents makes even more property owners susceptible to this damage. In the event that a homeowner or business owner experiences a loss of property due to its occurrence, it is our duty as a claim adjuster to help you get your property back, whether on replacement-cost basis or an actual cash value basis.

Our team of Tampa Claims Adjuster in your city would facilitate the repair or replacement of your damaged property under coverage. And ultimately, we would be able to negotiate for the best settlement if we happen to represent you.

The Process to an Insurance Claim

Notify your Insurance Company: The first thing to do immediately after a fire incident is to notify your insurer. They are in the best position to advise you on the process to undergo for you to restore what was lost. We, as your claim adjuster, would then file a property damage claim to help you get your reimbursement as fast as possible.

Secure the Building: You are responsible for preventing any more significant damage to your building. Therefore you must ensure the safety of the damaged property.

Meet with Us: At this point, we would come into the picture to conduct a proper investigation into the reason for the fire damage. We would engage in a lengthy discussion with you to get answers to our questions, which would help legitimize your claims. Witnesses would also be sought for more evidence to prove your claim. On meeting you, we would review your policy to discover any limitations to avoid underinsurance situation.

Submit our Investigation: After investigating the cause of the fire incident, we would, on your behalf, submit a report that details the fire damage to your property and recommend an appropriate solution like either repair or replacement of the damaged property. We would also advise your insurance company to endeavor to pay for damages.

Employing Contractors: As your claim adjuster, we would seek the help of professionals like Engineers and Contractors to help you carry out any duty that needs immediate attention in your property. We would contact a Surveyor to help with the rebuilding of your property if necessary.

Evaluation of your Loss: To arrive at your indemnity, we shall evaluate every cost you have made as a result of the incident, whether new accommodation or any repair would also be calculated to determine the value of your settlement.

Negotiation Process Begins: We at Tampa Claims Adjuster would start to ensure that your insurer arranges for your settlement, including costs incurred in the course of damage. Be sure that we would get the best compensation for you and do that as fast as we can.

We Handle Denied, and Incomplete Insurance Claims for Fire Damage

Whether your insurance company has delayed your claims or you were given a meager sum of settlement, we have all it takes to get you a fair settlement. Just call us.

Our Services are Free Until You Recover

You don’t have to worry about how to pay for our service cause we do not accept payment up until your full settlement has been granted. Once that happens, we would only request a small percentage of your compensation.

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