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Bradenton Claims Adjuster

The team of Tampa Claims adjuster is here to help you receive the settlement you have been striving for. We promise to get you the best negotiation to avoid any loss. With just a phone call to us, you can hasten your settlement process and get back your life as soon as possible.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Services

When policyholders, like business owners and homeowners, get into a crisis, it is only logical that they are given what is rightfully theirs according to their policy. In many situations, we have found out how insurers love to dribble their policyholders by delaying the settlement process, denying claims unjustly, and even giving out meager sum as compensation.

This bad faith insurance is not what we tolerate for our clients as a team of highly professional adjusters. Thus, policyholders do not have to put up with unfair treatment or settlement when we are involved in the picture.

How We Can Help you

We immerse ourselves in the entire insurance claims processes. We are not just a small part of this journey; we take up all the responsibility that will involve submitting your paperwork and getting your settlement as fast as possible. Every client is guaranteed a fair compensation. This is true because we do not deal with our clients collectively but on a unique basis. We analyze all claims and come up with the best strategy to help policyholders in the city of Bradenton.

Some standard protocols we observe are:

Contacting your Insurer: Insurers must be fully aware of the unfortunate development. Therefore, we advise that you put a call through to your insurance company so that they let you know the necessary procedures to get your settlement. Afterward, we file a claim on your behalf.

Investigation of the Incident: Carrying out investigation is necessary to prove the legitimacy of a claim. We would speak to you at length to get complete detail of the incident to help us arrive at when, where, and how the event unfolded. More witnesses shall be welcomed to backup your report of the incident.

During the investigation, we would protect the affected area from further damage and take pictures and videos to prove your claims. These pictures and videos shall be well detailed to clear all reasonable doubt. We will also ensure you prepare the list of lost property, the relating information, and proof of ownership.

Review of your Insurance Policy: The assessment of your policy coverage will help us reach a logical conclusion as to what your insurer is obligated to pay you. We would go through your policy to see if there is an area of the loss that your policy does not cover, and we shall inform you of this development.

Evaluation of your Loss: As your public adjuster, we shall be involved in measuring every property that was damaged to know the extent of the damage caused. We would also arrange with engineers or vendors that meet your policy criteria for repair. With our help, we will present you with a scope of loss that you may agree to in as much as you are satisfied with the wordings.

Arrange for Settlement: It is not enough to file for claims, we would ensure that your claim is met with appropriate settlement by the end of the claims process.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders

We assure you that all claims that go through us will not be denied, rejected, or experience unnecessary delay.

There is no situation where we have failed to present settlements to our clients. Nevertheless, we have a policy that does not allow us to accept payment for our service unless our claimant is satisfied with their settlement.