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Water Damage Claims Adjuster

Losses and damages due to water damage are destructive and devastating, but what is more important is the process of recovery. We can negotiate for the best insurance settlement for you to receive the maximum fair market recovery amount. Let us show you how.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Water Damage

Water damage to any property is usually broad and extensive. And because it is one of the most common type of property damage in the U.S., our team has created efficient strategies on how to maximize our clients’ insurance claims. Our goal is to represent water damage victims and to negotiate on their behalf to achieve the best settlement amount for their recovery.

If you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner who’s suffering from water damage to your property, it is crucial that you contact a licensed and professional claims adjuster right away to assess the damages and to evaluate your insurance policy. Our team of claims adjusters is here to make the process easy and convenient for you. We can help you determine the scope of your losses and identify other underlying dangers present in your property. By doing so, we can negotiate for the maximum insurance settlement for water damage that you deserve based on the provisions of your policy.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Claims Adjuster?

Water damage can make your property inhabitable and may potentially destroy all of your belongings. Failure to address the issue on a timely manner can cause secondary problems like mold infestation which could give rise to a variety of health risks.

Hiring a claims adjuster will make it easier for you to manage the situation. Our job is to interpret your insurance policy to formulate logical strategies, assess all the damages and losses, substantiate the evidences with documents, and to negotiate with your insurance provider on your behalf for maximum settlement.

As claims adjusters, our commitment is to expedite the insurance claim process and to present your case from a position of strength. You can be certain that our practice is in full compliance with the standards of the state. More importantly, you can count on our experience and professionalism to deliver to you the best outcome for your recovery.

We Handle Denied and Incomplete Insurance Claims for Water Damage

Policyholders whose insurance claims for water damage have been denied or have been granted with incomplete/insufficient settlement can approach our claims adjusting team for free consultation and evaluation. A denied claim is not yet the end of the line. We can re-assess and re-open your case for a proper and fair negotiation. As professional claims adjusters, it is our responsibility to find effective solutions for a variety of insurance-related concerns, including denied claims, and to enable policyholders to receive what they rightfully deserve from their insurers.

Our Services Are Free Until You Recover

At Tampa Claims Adjuster, our professional services are free of charge until you get your insurance settlement. There are no upfront fees to kick-start the process. Our team is confident enough that we’ll be able to work on a maximum insurance claim.

Once you receive your settlement, we will charge you with only a small percentage based on the amount of your recovery.  And if you don’t get paid by your insurance provider, you don’t have to pay for our services.

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