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Are you in need of a reliable claim adjuster in the city of Fort Myers? Here, you'll find capable hands to handle your claims to the point of final settlement. All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email. We'll be quick to attend to your need.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Service

Policyholders in Fort Myers no longer have to wait endlessly before having their claims settlement. Neither do they have to settle for devalued payment from their insurer nor put up with bad faith insurance.

At Tampa claims adjusters, we assist policyholders in filing legitimate claims and ensuring that every claim is met with the maximum settlement. Property damage is not entirely bad news cause we are here to make sure there is no gap between your coverage and your loss.

We would achieve this feat through the following means.

How We Can Help You

We understand that your claim is unique and may require a different approach. Therefore, we at Tampa would take our time to understand the type of claim you should file and then begin the insurance claims processes at once. More so, homeowners and business owners do not have to worry over their losses cause we are here to ensure you stand back on your feet irrespective of the extent of the damage.

The due process we would be taking shall involve:

Contacting your Insurance Company: During property damage, injury or accident, the first person to contact after adequate rescue has been granted is your insurance company. We would inform your insurance company the moment you contact us. We believe that to get a prompt response from your insurer; we must reach them as soon as possible.

Investigation of the Circumstance: Proper investigation is what validates a legal claim. Therefore, we would do a thorough investigation by interviewing some group of people. These people include the claimant, witnesses, and involved the third party if necessary. It is during our investigation we would document the scene of the incident. This documentation shall include pictures, videos, and reports from official stands. From that junction, we can pursue your claims.

Review of Your Insurance Policy: It is important to access your coverage. We would determine your type of insurance to identify any loophole in your coverage. We would also review your policy benefits and its dates of expiration. We would also watch out for any manipulation in your policy that may hinder your claims. Doing all of the above will help us arrive at your settlement fee.

Evaluation of your Damaged Property: If need be, we shall employ the help of an appraisal to calculate all of your losses. It is vital to make sure that there is no exaggeration or undermining of your losses to avoid claim fraud. Furthermore, we would make an inventory of your property to come up with the necessary sum of compensation.

Arrange for your settlement: Finally, we would ensure you get the right settlement following your policy. We guarantee you the best service from our expertise.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders in Fort Myers

We have the best interest of our clients at heart. Therefore, you can be rest assured that we would carry out our duty while carrying you along.

Note that, our payment comes only after you have received your settlement