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Was your property damaged or vandalized? We, Tampa Claims Adjuster, are here to help you file a claim to get you a replacement or repair as you so wish. Contact us to enjoy our impeccable services.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Vandalism Damage

As a policyholder, when your property gets vandalized, there is a need to call your insurance company, informing them of the development. Expectedly, you will be interrogated by your insurer concerning the filed claim. You may be asked when the vandalism occurred, what was damaged, the value of the damaged property, and the proof of ownership of the damaged property. You do not have to feel agitated about these questions.

However, if you sense that your insurance company is trying to minimize their risk by denying your claim or delaying any improvement as regards your case, it is time to reach out to us at Tampa Claims Adjusters to come into the scene. Because ensuring fair dealing with your insurer is what we do best.

The Process to a Vandalism Damage Insurance Claim

Make a Report: Firstly, contact the police in your locality to make a report of the incident. Tell them all the properties that were vandalized. This is important in order to tally the cost with your claim. You are contacting them to substantiate your claim. You must take note of the police file number. This will help us when we file your claim.

After doing this, reach out to your insurance company to report the situation to them. Be prepared to answer some basic questions targeted at you.

Subsequently, you can reach out to us through our online contact number or email. We would then meet up with you to inspect the damaged property and record every detail surrounding the vandalism.

Document your Claim: It is necessary to document the vandalized property. Photos and videos would help achieve this aim as well as receipts, proof of ownership, and insurance policy endorsement. Every document that can help you authenticate your claim should be made available. This will drastically minimize the chances of your insurer denying your claim.

Review of your Policy: A review will be carried out to understand the extent of your coverage and to see if limitations apply to the vandalized property.

Estimation of Vandalized Property: To get your settlement, we will need to estimate the value of the damaged property. With your provided receipts and the expert opinion of an appraisal, we can determine the market value of your property.

We will also ensure that the right vendor will be performing the repair to avoid further damage.

Settlement for Claims: Finally, we would demand a payment that tallies with your loss from your insurer. Negotiation will take place in your favor, and ultimately, the settlement will be made.

If your compensation fee is refused or denied you, you have the right not to pay us for all the trouble.

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