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Has your business experienced any interruption that has facilitated its temporary close down or loss of income? If yes, the team of Tampa Claims Adjuster is here to help you recover from your loss by filing a claim on your behalf. Contact us today, and your business will be competing favorably in the market once again.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Business Income Damage

Businesses are bound to suffer some set back due to situations beyond the control of business owners. These circumstances may span from natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, fire outbreak, or any crisis that warrants the temporary closure of a business.

It is for this reason, business owners acquire loss-of-business-income insurance in order to minimize their losses. However, struggles may arise between the insurer and the insured during the process of filing claims for this loss. The insurance company may argue over the duration of time that the business interruption is covered for amongst many other factors.

This type of insurance cases differs according to the type of business run and the situation that led to the business interruption. Be it as it may, Tampa Claims adjusters have the required knowledge to handle the unique cases of business owners.

What We Would Require from you to File a Business Insurance Interruption

To adequately file a claim on your behalf, you will be providing us with your details such as name, residence address, phone number, email address, and policy number. In addition, you would thoroughly account for your loss to us with information on the specific time and date the peril occurred alongside your business address. You will clarify to us that all authorities, such as police and fire departments, have been notified about your loss. You should also let us know if you ever mitigated the damages before our arrival.

Inform your Insurer

Firstly, reach out to your insurance company about your damages, giving them the details of the circumstance that led to the temporary closure of your business.

Review your Policy

We will help you review your policy to understand the extent of the coverage of your business and see the limitations and applicable deductibles backed up by your policy.

Protect your Property

We would ensure to secure any part of your business property that was damaged and employ the service of a recognized vendor for repair. The cost of repair will be accounted for during estimation to cumulate your settlement from your insurer.

Estimation of your Loss

We will calculate your gains before and after the interruption period. Every loss incurred due to shorting down your business will be reported to your insurer. Drop in income and customer patronage will also be signified. If you had to accumulate some expenses based on cleaning and securing your business during the interruption, this, too, would be noted down.

Settlement Agreement

We would present your insurance company with the value of your damages and negotiate a proper settlement.

You can contact us for our service whether you are filing a new claim or you need an old one to be concluded. We can also help you file for damages that occurred years back.

Our service is not liable for payment until your settlement has been paid.

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