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Clarissa M.

Thank you for the fast and efficient services. You’ve made the process simple and painless for me and my whole family. I thought we’ll never be able to recover from our losses but you’ve managed to turn things around to our favor. It’s not easy to overcome the damages and trauma caused by hu...

Service Assistance For:

Hurricane damage Insurance Claim

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $27,431.00

Simone R.

Hats off to Tampa Adjusters team! You don’t know how much you’ve saved me and our family home. It’s not easy to be denied of insurance coverage. I was on the verge of giving up at that time, but you were able to find solutions. Thanks for re-opening my case and for negotiating for insurance cl...

Service Assistance For:

Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $23,085.00

Annabelle C.

Months after we bought our home, we suffered from severe water damage and it was devastating. It caused a lot of disaster and water was seeping through ever corner. My husband and I were disappointed and we thought that there’s no other solution. We were doubtful that we’ll ever get insurance co...

Service Assistance For:

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $17,412.00

Leo Z.

I contacted and hired Tampa Claims Adjusting firm to handle my fire insurance policy. They were professional, always on-time, and take matters seriously. What I thought would take months to settle actually took them only a few weeks. And they were able to negotiate for a good amount as well. Hiring ...

Service Assistance For:

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $23,102.00

Shawn D.

I highly recommend this claims adjuster team for all types of insurance claims especially vandalism and theft. They are reliable, results-oriented, and very professional. I’m not easily impressed, but they’ve earned my respect. Their regular updates gave me peace of mind knowing that there’s p...

Service Assistance For:

Vandalism Insurance Claims

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $8,312.00

Linda Y.

I appreciate the prompt and timely action of this team. It has been a long and stressful journey, but they have given me the support and assurance I needed to stay on track. It’s not easy to deal with fire damages and losses. That’s why I thank them for their compassion and for helping me get be...

Service Assistance For:

Fire Insurance Claim

Initial: $4,302.00

Recovered: $15,423.00

Alicia A.

It was a long and complicated insurance claim process for me. But I’m glad I found the guys from Tampa claims adjusters who willingly took over my case and talked to my insurance company. They were kind, patient, and very professional. My mold damage claim wasn’t easy to justify due to elements ...

Service Assistance For:

Mold Insurance Claim

Initial: $0.00

Recovered: $5,102.00

Amanda R.

Anyone who needs a claims adjuster in Tampa for roof damage insurance claim should not hesitate to contact this company. I had a terrible experience dealing with my insurance provider and this pushed me to search for other professionals who can help. I found Tampa Claim Adjusters and asked for their...

Service Assistance For:

Roof Insurance Claim

Initial: $1,500.00

Recovered: $9,768.00