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Search no more for a competent claims adjuster - our services are the best for you. We help policyholders effectively handle their insurer and ensure that they submit to your insurance policy. Kindly contact us to have your settlement released.

Let's get you a better settlement.

Our Company Provides you with Beneficial Claims Adjusting Services

Our goal at Tampa Claims Adjuster is to provide every homeowner and business owner in the city of Siesta Key with affordable, competent, and reliable claims adjusting services. We are skilled with the necessary expertise to interpret and duly examine your insurance policy and infer the scope of its coverage. We ensure to bring your tricky insurance company to order so that you are treated fairly and compensated with the settlement that you deserve.

At Tampa claims adjuster, we passionately give every client of ours a premium service by focusing our attention on each case of bad faith insurance they suffer. Thus reinforcing that the quality of our service is unrivaled at Siesta Key. Trust us with your insurance claim process, so that we can come up with a beneficial settlement for you as a policyholder.

Here’s How We Protect your Right as a Policyholder

We’re never in a rush to close a case. Therefore, we take due time to follow the necessary procedures to ensure that your claim is validated and your settlement is approved. We treat your case as an exception to determine the best strategy for achieving our goal.

The following points take you through the process of our claim adjusting services:

We Ensure you Notify your Insurer of your Claim

Firstly, we confirm that you have informed your insurer of the damage. It is essential to inform your broker or insurance company immediately to prevent any doubt from them. By so doing, they can let you in on the next call of action. It is within our obligation to bear the responsibilities of the insurance claim processes. Thus, you do not have to worry about a thing.

We Validate your Claim

We ensure to validate the claim of our clients so that we can reconcile their damage with their insurance policies. We also discover other liable parties and collect useful information at your disposal. We also assist you in giving your insurer a comprehensive catalog of the components that were injured with photos and videos as pieces of evidence.   

We Assess your Insurance Policy

We will take our time to review your insurance policy so that we identify any liability your insurer is likely to dodge. We also ensure that the extent of your loss is covered by your policy and notify you of any deductibles aided by your policy.

We Examine your Damage

We do not have the singular power to evaluate your damage duly. Therefore we employ other professionals such as appraisers and engineers to help estimate the degree of your loss. Subsequently, we propose an array of vendors in accordance with your policy to help with fixing your damaged property.

We Attain a Settlement

Finally, we reach a fair compensation on your behalf and ensure that it is approved and guaranteed by your insurer. After that, we inform you of the amount and ensure that you receive your entitlement without any delay.

Our Commitment to our Clients in Siesta Key

We can promise you that our claims adjusting service is second to none in Siesta Key. Therefore, you can depend on us to bear the troubles of dealing with your pesky insurance company and ensuring that your settlement falls into your lap.

Our singular commitment is to guarantee that the damage which you’ve suffered do not wreck you in any form, and you have your life back as perfect as it can be.

Your settlement comes first to us. Thus, we see to it before collecting a dime from you.