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Clearwater Claims Adjuster

All policyholders in the city of Clearwater can come to us for their insurance claims processes. We are here to help you secure what is rightfully yours from your insurer and cut off every situation that may drag your settlement. We, the team of Tampa Claims Adjusters are the best fit to tackle your insurance company.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Services

There are many reasons, policyholders may need the service of a claim adjuster. It could be because of unnecessary delay of claim settlements by their insurer, refusal to compensate them, or unknown alteration in their insurance policy. It could also be because the policyholder is under severe emotional distress due to the losses incurred. Either of these reasons warrants the need for a professional claims adjuster.

Therefore, we Tampa claims adjusters are at our best for the residents of Clearwater city who will be needing the service of claims adjusters.

What we mean by that is further explained below:

How We Can Help you

Homeowners and business owners in Clearwater can be sure to find a friend in us during their property damage. Meaning, we are here to help you when you need the prompt service of a claim adjuster. Moreover, we are in the city of Clearwater to ensure your insurance company is accountable for your insurance policy. We would help hasten your insurance claims processes and settlements. These processes include:

Contacting your Insurance Company: In the wake of a loss, the first step a policyholder needs to take is to get in touch with their insurance company. We will help you contact your insurer and inform them about the event. Thenceforth begin processing your claim with them.

Investigating the Circumstance: We would take our time to look into the situation that led to your property damage. An investigation is necessary to legitimize your claims. In the course of doing this, you will provide us your account of the incidence, which would be substantiated by more witnesses statements or any involved third party. We would make a pictorial representation of the incidence, as well as a video covering the damage scene. We will also take clips from surveillance if available. From there, we would determine how to go about the claims.

Reviewing your Insurance Policy: We would assess your coverage to ensure that your existing policy is not lagging and determine if changes have been made without your knowledge. We must review your policy from a professional stance to avoid oversight of relevant information or alteration.

Evaluating your Damaged Property: We would make an inventory of your damaged property to come up with accurate settlement payment. If need be, we will employ the service of an appraisal to make a precise estimation ot your losses. This calculation would help us prevent a case of underpayment or a situation of claims fraud. We would then contact the necessary vendors for repairs.

Arranging for your Settlement: The final stage in an insurance claim process is to ensure you’re given a fair settlement. We would ensure to win the cooperation of your insurer so that your payment is released on time.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders in Clearwaters

We at Tampa Claims Adjusters are committed to satisfying our clients in Clearwater city. We would not be requesting for payment until we get you your full compensation. With our help, you can be sure that the pursuit of your claims would not be a futile effort. We promise you complete success within the shortest of time.