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Our services come in handy for every policyholder suffering a painful loss or damage and even a problematic insurer. You're only a call away from a fair insurance settlement. Do call us.

Let's get you a better settlement.

What We Do Best is Adjusting your Insurance Claims

When push comes to shove, policyholders within the length and breadth of Fort Myers Beach, choose Tampa Claims Adjusters for their insurance case. The reason isn’t far fetched from the fact that we are highly professional and very reliable. It is our duty to interpret and examine your insurance policy. And further, assist you in receiving a fair insurance settlement.

You don’t have to give up your compensation as a result of suffering bad faith insurance; all you have to do is freely consult us to discuss a possible solution.

As long as you’re inviting us on this journey, we’re committed to focusing on your case to see that a fair payment is your fate. Our duty includes filing an insurance claim on your behalf and ensuring that your insurance company treats you fairly. 

Here’s How We Help

Our work ethic is to ensure that our team of claim adjusting experts go through an extensive process of evaluating your case distinctively and determining an ideal strategy to secure a profitable outcome for you.

Below are the processes which we’ve adopted to guarantee a satisfactory settlement:

We Ensure that you Contact your Insurer

Undoubtedly, you’ll have to communicate with your insurance company on this journey to notify them of your claim. As a policyholder of theirs, it is in your best interest to help them grasp the extent of your crisis as at the time of occurrence.

We Investigate your Claim

To ensure the validity of your claim, we undertake an investigation. We also review the degree of damage or the volume of your loss and even recognize other liable parties to facilitate your claim. We also let you know that it’s essential to provide any witness information to us to speed up the claim process.

We will help you submit a comprehensive list of all the elements that were damaged in your property. We will also supply enough pictures and videos to enable your insurer to realize the severity of your loss or damage.      

We Examine your Insurance Policy

Upon validating your claim, we carefully review your insurance policy. Through this phase, we can correlate your damage with the coverage of your policy and inform you of any deductibles in your insurance policy. Overall, we ensure you get the maximum settlement for your loss.

We Assess your Damage or Loss

In the bid to achieve a satisfactory settlement, we also employ the service of appraisers and contractors to provide professional advice. Thereupon, we make a catalog of vendors to assist you with repairs according to your policy.    

We Reach a Settlement

Having validated your claim and evaluated the degree of your damage with pieces of evidence to back them up, it becomes inevitable to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf regardless of the difficulty of your insurance case. 

Our Commitment to Policyholders at Fort Myers Beach

Our profound knowledge and vast experience of claims adjusting would give you the best claims adjusting services at Fort Myers Beach. Tampa Claims Adjuster relieves you of the tedious claim procedures so that you don’t only get to live your life but enjoy a fair insurance settlement.

We’re very focused on helping you regain everything that was lost and bringing new hope to your world.

Our payment, even though it is affordable, comes after we must have helped you secure a fulfilling compensation. So, you don’t have to worry about needing to file another claim.