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San Antonio Claims Adjuster

All policyholders in the city of San Antonio can seize the opportunity to call us for their claims negotiation. We do not offer our services like other claim adjusters; we are a team of Tampo Claims Adjuster who uses pieces of indisputable evidence to get full settlements from insurers. Contact us today to handle your claims.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Service

We are a licensed claims adjusters team in the city of San Antonio. We facilitate claims settlements as soon as possible. We work the hardest part and only require files and records from our clients to help us achieve our goal. For years, we have mastered the insurance claims processes and have come to realize what delays or hastens the settlement of a claimant. Therefore, business owners and house owners can come to us during dangerous times.

How We Help you

We will assist you in verifying your losses to your insurance company and validating your claim. We will get the settlement as promised by your insurer. Before then, we will come up with a thorough investigation and review your policy to ensure that it tallies with our findings in the course of the investigation.

We would go through these insurance claims processes to arrive at your settlement:

Contacting your Insurance Company: The first thing a policyholder should do when there is property damage is to inform the right authority, starting from your insurance company to other officials like the police to help you collaborate your claim.

Investigation of the Circumstance: While carrying out our investigation, we would source for primary information from the claimant and then witnesses that can attest to the loss. Although, you can provide us witnesses to assist us in this process. During the investigation, you are to answer questions that clarify what the incidence is about, the time it occurred, how it happened, and where it took place.

We would collect necessary records from you like the proof of ownership of the damaged property, receipts, videos, and images from the scene of the incident.

We will prepare a proof of loss on behalf of our clients. They are in the position to agree to the content of the proof of damage.

Review of your Insurance Policy: As your adjuster, we would obtain a copy of your policy to analyze and discuss the claim with you. We would explain to you what every word in the policy coverage means and show you an exemption to the claim.

Evaluation of your Loss: As your adjuster, we would take note of every damage covered according to your policy. An appraisal may assist in doing this, but we would ensure that the estimation of property damage is accurate.

Arrange for your Settlements: Having proved the authenticity of your claim, it is only right that we bring you your settlement, and that’s exactly what we will do.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders

For us, all policyholders matter. We would like to pledge our loyalty to you and as well work hard to ensure your victory.

We are asking that you hold on to our charge fee and should only be released once your claim has been successfully met with a settlement.