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Anna Maria Island Claims Adjuster

Tampa Claims Adjusters are now in the city of Anna Maria Island. We are only a call away from our potential clients. Do well to call us for all your insurance claims services, after all, we can only receive payment after a successful settlement.

Let's get you a better settlement.

We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Service

As a team of active claims adjusters in Anna Maria Island, we deliver excellent service from the day we take over our position as your claims adjuster. We ensure that we become responsible for as little as your understanding of the policy coverage.

We take you by the hand and guide you throughout the claims processes while we are responsible for all the technical aspects of filing the claims until you secure your due settlement.

With us, policyholders, be it, business owners or homeowners, don’t have to suffer another loss after their property damage.

How We Help You

All client have their peculiarity. We go through your policy contents and study every word to the last page to determine what your policy covers and the exclusions involved, we then file a befitting claim that’s undeniable.

We go through the insurance claims processes to assist our clients in getting their settlements like our other successful clients. These processes include:

Contacting your Insurance Company: Settlement begins and ends with your insurance company. It is for this reason that you must reach out to them before you even think of doing anything else. Besides, we can help you lay a formal claim immediately you contact us.

Investigation of the Circumstance: During peril, we, as your adjuster, would carry out sound investigation centered around you, the claimant, and all crucial witnesses. All information divulged will be mostly recorded for reference sake. At this point, we would require you to fill a proof of loss form, which we will prepare to substantiate your claim. It will state the time, reason, and date of the occurrence.

We would document the incidence using pictures and videos from the scene of damage. There will be evidence differentiating the property before and after the incident. Your full cooperation will be needed to obtain relevant receipts, proof of ownership, lists, and value of items lost in the course of the damage.

Review of your Insurance Policy: Policy is the most crucial element in any claim settlement. It serves as the rationale behind any settlement. Our professional public adjusters would objectively analyze every word written in the policy. Explain in clear terms what the policy means, thereby stating your policy coverage and any exclusion found within your copy of the paper.

Evaluation of your Loss: This is a vital stage cause what is explained as the extent of the damage can determine the value of the settlement you get. It must also be true to avoid a case of fraud. As your claim adjuster, we shall be at the scene of the incident to identify every property covered that was damaged and record the value they carry. We would employ an appraisal to give a more accurate result. However, we shall be deeply involved in the process.

Arrange for your Settlement: The essence of filing claims is to receive due settlement. We believe that having done the needful, your settlement will be offered to you as soon as possible.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders

We hold our clients in high esteem and, thus, offer you our complete loyalty and attention all through the claims processes. We also owe you our respect and cooperation.

Our services are only due for payment after your settlement demands have been met.