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Call a Tampa Claims Adjuster today in the city of Clearwater Beach to acquire your settlement within the shortest frame of time. If you are tired of waiting or you don't like being kept waiting, give us that life-changing call.

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We Offer Reliable and Professional Claims Adjusting Services

We are here to help you when it comes to your settlement. If you have been carrying out your responsibility as a policyholder, it’s only fair that you get some financial assistance when crisis strikes. Because this is your right and not some generous offer from your insurer to you, we are committed to helping you get a satisfactory settlement.

How We Can Help you

We listen to the concerns of our client and then go back to the drawing board to figure out what should be done. We hold you all through the insurance claims processes so that you’re not kept in the dark.

The processes are listed below:

Contacting your Insurance Company: There’s no better person to first contact your insurer than you, so we employ that our clients inform their insurance company about their property damage before we then proceed with filing a claim and submitting relevant documents as the situation demands.

Investigation of the Circumstance: Investigation is a crucial step when filing a claim. It is necessary to substantiate the demand of a claimant. With proper investigation, a complete report of the incidence will be obtained from you. Witnesses will be approached for their account of the incidence. Their report must tally with your account. And by interrogating you, we’ll find out the date and time of occurrence and what led to the glaring situation.

Review of your Insurance Policy: We would analyze and break down your policy to make you understand where you stand and what you’ll gain. By reading your policy, we will determine your benefits, deductibles, and liability.

Evaluation of your Loss: We team of claims adjuster will go through the damaged property to access every property that was lost. We will make a full detail of the damaged property, taking measurement and type of material to create our scope of loss. We would meet with vendors that fit into the criteria of your insurer to start repair. With the help of the vendors and appraisals, we can come up with a certain sum of all the damaged property.

Arrange for Settlement: We shall present to you your maximum settlement. You can be sure that your loss will not be undervalued, and we shall not succumb to bad faith insurance. All clients, no matter the complexity of their claim, are still entitled to a fair settlement. This is our belief in Tampa Claims Adjuster, and that is why we would get you an objective compensation no matter how rough it may be.

Our Commitment to All Policyholders

The team of Tampa Claims Adjusters in the city of Clearwater Beach endeavors to remain committed to all their clients. We shall ensure that your settlement comes with satisfaction. There would be no negotiable that will put you in a disadvantageous position. With us, your fulfillment is our priority. Working with this belief will help us have the best business relationship.

Furthermore, you are not obliged to pay us until your settlement has been paid in full.