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Those molds around your building can endanger your health and damage your property. Do not overlook them because your insurance company did nothing to salvage the situation. Put a call through to our claims adjuster to assist you in filing a successful claim for damages done. We got you.

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Get the Maximum Insurance Settlement for Mold Damage

Molds can appear in or outside your building after a flood or pipe leakage. They are not to be treated with levity cause not only do they damage your household belongings, but they are a form of fungus that can impair your health.

We at Tampa claim adjusters can successfully help you file claims as a result of this damage done by mold. We assure you that your claim wouldn’t be met with disapproval from your insurer as we are sure to go through the due insurance claim procedures to get your property repaired or receive the actual value from your insurance company.

Insurance Claim Steps for Mold are highlighted Below

Call your Insurance Company: Every claim usually begin with your insurer. As a policyholder, put a call through to your insurance company to notify them of the molds breeding in your residential or commercial building.

Ordinarily, contacting your insurer regarding your water damage would prevent further mold development. If you, however, experience a delay or dismissal of your claim from your insurer, contact us immediately to save the situation. We would reach out to them and demand that they honor the contract in your policy and fulfill their part of the bargain.

Review your Policy: Knowing the content of your policy is very crucial to getting your property repaired, or damages fairly paid for by your insurer. We would review the declaration paper of your policy to give you a better understanding of the content. We would also evaluate your coverages and their limitations. We would examine the guidelines outlined in your policy to filing a mold claim, and we’ll follow accordingly. Lastly, at this stage, we would check if any changes have been made to your policy.

Secure All Damaged Property: Tampa claims adjusters would protect every property of yours that has been affected by mold to prevent further damages. If your policy covers the affected loss, your insurer would be responsible for bearing the cost of any damage or emergency response you had to take. Best believe we won’t let your insurer dismiss your claim on any basis.

Documentation of your Property Damage: We would adequately document all property and items affected by mold contaminations. By taking clear pictures and videos, we will authenticate your mold claims to deter your insurer from playing dirty.

Estimate your Losses: We would itemize all damages and give the actual value of the affected items to your insurer. Using receipts, bank statements, and the knowledge of an appraisal, we would determine the actual cost of your property damage.

Secure your Settlement: We promise you maximum settlement and not lowball compensation from your insurance company. Thus, we would not give room for any low-value payment presented by your insurer.

Our Commitment to you

Since you are filing for claims on mold damages with us, we would be committed to serving your goal of getting compensated for every loss covered.

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