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Frequently Asked Questions

A Claims Adjuster is a duly-licensed professional that represents the rights of an insurance policyholder when claiming for insurance coverage. The expertise and specialization of a Claims Adjuster is focused on their ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret insurance policies to help the insured property owners in claiming for the maximum amount of settlement.

A Claims Adjuster also negotiates on behalf of the policyholder to increase the insurance settlement value. This is by furnishing and submitting supplemental evidences and relevant documents to the insurance provider.

Recent data reveals that hiring a claims adjuster when filing for insurance claims can increase the settlement amount by as much as 75%.

We highly recommend that you hire the services of a claims adjuster at the onset of the loss or damage to your property. Professional claims adjusters are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to determine the crucial steps you need to take in order to prevent further damages to your property. More importantly, a claims adjuster can offer you the assistance you need to accurately assess, evaluate, and document the damages and losses. You’ll have your peace of mind knowing that the chance of having maximum insurance coverage is higher with a claims adjuster representing you.

Homeowners, commercial property owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, and various professionals can all benefit from the services of a claims adjuster for their losses and damages to their properties. Insurance policyholders that have been previously denied of their insurance claim or were granted with unfair or incomplete settlement can likewise benefit from the services of a claims adjuster.

Moreover, policyholders that need professional assistance in understanding their insurance policy and extent of coverage may consult claims adjusters for accurate interpretation of their contract and to determine potential loopholes that could potentially affect their future claims.

Claims Adjusters have full awareness about the technicalities of the different types of insurance policies and coverage. They also have the ability to negotiate for the maximum insurance settlement from a winning perspective.

With their expertise, strategies and connections, they can seek for the services of property appraisers, accountants, restoration experts, and other specialists to substantiate the documents that need to be presented to the insurance providers. It is the duty of claims adjusters to gather credible evidences and to secure proper documentation to fight for the highest possible settlement for their clients.

At Tampa Claim Adjuster, we follow strict procedures in handling and managing insurance claims. This process is in full compliance with the state guidelines and regulations. Our commitment is to negotiate for the highest possible settlement amount for our client’s recovery. Here is a typical flow of the process.

Policy Evaluation and Assessment: We start by thoroughly evaluating the insurance policy to highlight the merits of the case and to formulate suitable strategies.

Substantiate Evidences and Preparation of Documents: It is important for us to avoid any discrepancies when presenting a case. Thus, we substantiate all evidences with the necessary documents to support the claim from every angle.

Submission of Claim and Negotiation: As claims adjusters, it is our responsibility to submit all the documents to your insurance provider, present your claim, and negotiate on your behalf for the maximum coverage.

Case Resolution: Finally, we’ll present to you the positive outcome of our negotiation which is the maximum settlement amount that can help you recover from the damages and losses.

Claims adjusters provide a variety of insurance-related services like filing of an insurance claim, professional representation for the clients, and negotiating on behalf of the policyholder. Additionally, claims adjusters also offer expert services to those that are facing denied insurance coverage and incomplete/insufficient settlement.

Policyholders that received unfair treatment and unreasonable resolution from their insurance providers can count on the services of claims adjusters. In this case, the insurance claim will be reviewed, re-opened and re-negotiated to demand for a better coverage. Such cases require careful evaluation to come up with good strategies that emphasize the rights of a policyholder and enable insurance providers to comply with a fair settlement.

Hiring a claims adjuster will not, in any way, affect your contract with your insurance provider. As a policyholder, you are entitled to exercise your rights and to seek for services that can make the insurance claiming process easier and more convenient for you. The services of a claims adjuster have no bearing to your existing contract and won’t affect or alter the provisions of your policy.
Tampa Claims Adjuster does not charge any upfront fees. Our services are free until you get your full settlement. Once you recover, the standard rate of the services is a minimal percentage of the amount you have received from your insurance provider. In the rare instance that we’re unable to help, our services are free.
Yes, the duties and responsibilities of a Claims Adjuster are state-regulated. Claims Adjusters are professionals that have acquired state certification and licensure from Florida’s Department of Financial Services. As experts in this field, we have the legal authority to represent insurance policyholders when filing and claiming for insurance coverage, and to negotiate on their behalf for the best possible settlement.

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